How Wine Companies Can Gain Market Share In the 21-30 Age Demographic

The past year has forced wine companies to create new and exciting ways to showcase their products and educate consumers. With more companies heading online to offer virtual experiences and video storytelling, this has enabled wine companies to connect with a younger audience. Today we’re going to look at some of the best video production and virtual event options for wine companies which have already been used successfully by some of the world’s top wineries. 

Virtual Experiences

With fewer people allowed to travel and visit wineries in the past year, companies have had to come up with fun ways to engage their audience from home. Virtual experiences and events can offer consumers an interactive experience while still allowing them to sample products and learn more about the process of creating their favorite wines. Some companies have even taken this one step further and added entertainment to the event. Charles Krug, the oldest winery in Napa Valley, partnered with The Laugh Cellar to offer a virtual comedy and wine tasting event. This helps to attract a younger audience, who will enjoy an evening of entertainment with two bottles of wine included with their ticket.

One of the best ways wineries can tap into a younger audience is to offer a fully customizable experience. Bouchaine, another popular Napa winery, offers personalized virtual events based on your level of knowledge. It’s ideal for those attending a wine tasting for the first time but also offers more experienced individuals a deeper dive into their products. As well as these more personal experiences, some companies are opting to use Instagram Live to attract a wider audience. The Stony Hill Social Hour took place on Instagram Live and was a great way to learn more about wines without having to sign up for a one-on-one or group experience.

Winery Videos and Tours

During the past year, companies have had to find new ways to create content and keep their consumers excited about their products from thousands of miles away. Video production companies offer wine companies the chance to showcase their products and production process to anyone in the world. When stunning winery videos are created, you’ll captivate a younger audience, who will be excited to purchase your product.

Brancott Estate in New Zealand transported viewers from around the world to “The Red Shed,” which showcased a virtual vineyard and wine cellar. From the comfort of your own home, Le Chai au Quai in France took viewers on a tour of their historical cellar from the 19th century. Technology today allows you to transport viewers literally anywhere in the world. It’s one of the best ways to connect to a young audience who love to travel, and it will offer them a behind-the-scenes look into your company.

Thanks to the increasing availability of video production technology and video calling software today, connecting with a younger audience has never been easier. Virtual experiences and events have allowed wine companies to connect with a global audience during the pandemic and keep their sales at a steady level even during this challenging time. With the world still quite restricted in terms of travel, these virtual events and winery videos will be an important sales tool for companies during the upcoming months and years. We encourage any wine company to look at their online offerings this year to increase their appeal to a younger audience.