The Importance of Quality Recruitment Videos

Recruitment videos are a key part of recruitment marketing, and they can be used to attract talent to your company during the recruitment process. However, in order for recruitment videos to be a success, we always recommend taking the time to create high-quality videos.

Today we’re going to look at the importance of creating meaningful recruitment videos that will make your company stand out to talented applicants during their job search.

What Makes a Good Recruitment Video

Many of the world’s largest companies use recruitment videos to secure new applicants for their business, including Amazon, Starbucks, and Google. When we talk about creating a high-quality recruitment video, there are certain elements that come together during the planning and video production stages to make your video a success.

When it comes to producing your new recruitment video, we recommend keeping your recruitment video as short as possible. Somewhere in the 1-3 minute range is perfect for this type of video. For example, Shopify’s two-minute-long recruitment video is fun to watch, and instead of talking too much about the company, it just grabs your attention with a funny interaction. 

While we do recommend showcasing your company to some extent in the video, it doesn’t always have to be in the traditional manner. In Apple’s previous recruitment videos, we loved that they showcased the diversity of their company by including different languages within the short video.

Authenticity is key when creating a recruitment video, and unscripted videos are often a good option. If you opt to use a script or create a funny video such as Dropbox’s puppet-based recruitment video, make sure the content comes across naturally. You don’t want it to feel too staged or forced, which will detract potential employees from your company. To help you stand out from your competition, you want to ensure you create a concept that’s different from your competitors and that you showcase features of your company that set you apart. Applicants will be watching dozens of these videos when considering where they want to apply to work, so keep your video catchy and fun to grab their attention.

Using a Video Production Company for your Recruitment Videos

Unless you are particularly confident working a camera and the associated equipment, we recommend always using a video production company. Video production covers more than just the actual filming of your video and also includes the lighting and backgrounds. There’s nothing worse than an unprofessional recruitment video that looks like it was put together by inexperienced interns. 

Take the time to go through your setup before you even consider filming your content to ensure nothing will distract viewers in the background of your shot. Avoid playing any background music at the time of filming, as this can result in copyright infringement and your video being removed from online accounts. A video production company will look after every stage of the video production process, so all you have to worry about is the host of the video being in the right place at the right time.

A quality recruitment video can help your company get ahead within your industry and attract talent from across the country to your business. Recruitment videos don’t need to be too long or elaborate to capture the attention of your audience but should be produced by a video production company to offer the highest quality content to your viewers this year. We know that our customers and visitors must gain only high quality and best offers, so we prepared for them top casinos that accept mastercard.