A video production company in Sacramento during a shoot

Why Video Is The Most Effective Tool For Your Business

As technology continues to shift businesses more online, and since the pandemic has made us a more virtual world, videos are more essential than ever. 

They’ve always been known to provide great results for marketing your business and brand. But they are also proving to be vital in all aspects of your company.

External and internal video solutions for your business are necessary to expand your audience, improve efficiency, and grow your organization.

Videos give you the power to tell a story and to communicate with your customers, team, and network. Here are some ways you can use the most effective tool for your business.

Engage With Your Customers

"The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web"

Videos have long been attributed to high engagement rates for marketing  product or brand. When a business uses a video, they attract 300% more traffic and increase their leads. 50% of customers will search for a video of your product to learn more before their purchase. It’s essential for selling your product or service.

But the benefit isn’t just marketing. Recent statistics show the state of miscommunication with customers. 77% of daily active users stop using an app after downloading it and 55% of customers return a physical product because they didn’t know how to use it. Using videos for the onboarding process to communicate your product/service can avoid these problems and help you thrive instead.

Videos also provide a great way to share testimonials with real people sharing real stories. When companies use videos to connect with their customers, they’ll see better results.


Communicate Your Brand

Whether it’s DIY, instructions to use your product, or something that requires communication to your customers, video is the best way to get the message across.

In his book, Rehumanize Your Business, Ethan Beute states, “Building trust, rapport, and relationships are best done in person, but time and distance have increasingly driven us to faceless digital messages… Video puts YOU back into your communication in a way that accelerates sales and improves customer experience. 

Videos help you communicate a message effectively as if you are right in front of your customer. In the same sense, videos are great for employee training and HR programs. It’s the best way to effectively embed your DNA and culture, along with the training you expect from your team. This creates an across-the-board experience that helps you develop an optimized structure for employees to align with your vision.

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Create Significant ROI

With effective marketing, your videos will help increase sales and expand your reach. Also, an improved onboarding system with great videos makes sure you retain those customers you’ve already invested in and nurture their relationship.

Through effective training and communication with your team, you can expect to increase efficiency, establish a clear vision, and develop synergy. All these things will help you cut costs, increase sales, and improve your margins. 

Videos are a powerful resource for businesses. When we learn to utilize it throughout all facets of our organization, we can position ourselves for growth