From Fortune 500 to Startups: The Importance of Corporate Video Production to a Business

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing new norms marked by consumers spending more time viewing media, video production company Legion Films has seen a dramatic increase in the number of businesses asking for content for social media, product demos, commercials, and other types of corporate videos. 

Videos have certain advantages over other formats like text and images because the brain can process “dynamic visuals” much quicker than text and other “static” formats. For this reason, around 72% of consumers prefer video to text for receiving branded marketing information, according to research published by HubSpot. This finding demonstrates that corporate video production should be part of your branding strategy–whether you’re on the Fortune 500 list, a startup tech, or a solo entrepreneur. 

Here, Legion Films explains why corporate video production plays a critical part in your overall branding and marketing strategy.

Effective way to connect to consumers

A growing number of consumers use video as their principal means to browse the internet, a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years due to larger mobile screens and faster internet connections. Shoppable videos, which send consumers links and information about products or web pages, have particularly seen a dramatic rise over the past few years.

Improve your SEO campaign

SEO, an acronym for search engine optimization, improves a website’s visibility when people search for products or services related to its business. Meanwhile, you can improve your online/SEO visibility with a solid video strategy that includes a professional-looking video that entertains, educates, intrigues, or shocks your audience. 

Adding descriptions, tags, and transcriptions to your videos can further improve your online/SEO visibility. 

Humanize your brand

An excellent video can humanize your brand, making it feel like a friend that your customers, potential employees, and prospective B2B partners have known for years rather than a “faceless” company.  Videos that can humanize your brand include testimonials, customer/employee onboarding, highlight videos, and content for social media. 

If you want to humanize your brand using videos, make sure the content is not bloated with self-promotion. Remember, people want to be entertained, informed, and educated–not sold to

Brand awareness and name recall

Professional-looking video content can help improve your branding, making you appear reliable and trustworthy. Take note that consumers only buy products from companies they trust. By contrast, low-quality videos can make even the most established companies look “amateurish” or even sketchy. 

Video content for social media plays a significant role in brand awareness and name recall, with a recent HubSpot report showing that video is most memorable to around 43% of consumers. Additionally, viewers retain up to 95% of the message when watching dynamic visuals compared to only 10% when reading text content.

Opportunity for call-to-action

For retailers, shoppable videos can boost their sales when they are embedded with a call-to-action message. However, you don’t have to be in the retail sector to “monetize” your videos. Whatever the nature of your business is, corporate video productions with a solid call-to-action can boost your sales, strengthen your brand, and/or improve your customer/buyer experience (like when you use product demos).

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