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5 Advantages of Using Video Testimonials

Whether you’re running a small business or a large corporation, you might consider using video testimonials. It can be a great way to increase your credibility and is cost-effective. 

Suppose you are wondering whether to include video testimonials or not. In that case, you should read on and learn about the five biggest advantages of using video testimonials on your website.

Humanize Your Brand

Seeing real people talking about products and services makes them feel more comfortable with the company and its products. People can identify from corporate video production with others who share their interests or lifestyles, so they’re more likely to trust that person than they would trust a logo or company name alone. 

They also tend to be more open-minded when making purchases from companies they view as trustworthy. It also helps them favor your brand when you have been recommended by someone they know and respect.

When potential customers see other people using your product, it gives them confidence in its functionality and quality. If these users seem happy with what’s being offered (and if there aren’t any negative comments), then potential customers will be more willing to buy from you too!

Build Trust and Credibility

Video testimonials give customers an idea of what it’s like working with you, which helps build credibility and trust between you. It makes it easier for them to feel comfortable purchasing from your company again in the future!

They help establish credibility with potential customers online by showing them that other people like what you’re selling so much that they’d actually tell other people about it, too.

Increase Conversions and Clicks

You may have heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” before, but did you know that it’s also true that corporate video production is worth more than text? 

A study showed that 2 out of 3 people are more likely to purchase products after viewing a product demonstration video versus reading about them in text. It is one of the reasons why a lot of e-commerce businesses are using videos to promote their products.

The impact of videos on conversion rates can’t be overemphasized, especially if they’re used as part of an onboarding process or as an additional source of information for your potential customers.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

If you’re not already using video testimonials, you should start! Video testimonials from production companies can be used when applying for gated placements on sites like YouTube or Instagram, which helps get your business in front of more customers.

They help you stand out from the competition by highlighting what makes you different from them. Video testimonials are also more engaging than written text.

It is because they use visual language like facial expressions and body language. It makes it easier for people watching the video to understand the content and relate them to their personal experiences or situations. 

Thus, potentially leading them to purchase products.

Boost SEO Ranking

Video content will likely be shared on social media, increasing your company’s visibility and its products. Additionally, videos are more likely than other forms of content (like photos) to keep viewers engaged long enough for them to watch until the end and make a purchase.

These days there’s no better way for someone to browse online looking for information about a product or service than through Google Search Engine results pages (SERPs). The average user spends 88% more time on video websites than without them

 Video testimonials from production companies help build stronger connections between brands and consumers. However, there’s nothing like showing off real people behind companies themselves which helps build trust between parties involved – especially when we’ve all been through hard times together.

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