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The Dos and Donts of Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production is one of the most popular ways that brands use to market online. It’s engaging, memorable and flexible to all kinds of audiences.

However, creating corporate video content can become complicated. After all, you must balance your business goals with the intricacies of film production.   

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You may be doing your next video production project in-house or with the help of a corporate video production company. Nonetheless, here are some things to remember to ensure you successfully convey your message.

Do have a vision for your corporate video production project

A video production project can get derailed and sidetracked in all sorts of ways. It’s important to have a clear vision in mind to avoid this from happening.

Understanding what you want to achieve prevents you from wasting time and resources and being stuck on trial and error. Ultimately, you’ll be able to move the project forward and successfully create a high-quality product.

As you craft your vision, think about what you want your audience to get from your video content. Consider the impression you like to make about your brand. Lastly, decide what specific action you want your viewers to do after watching your video.

Don’t cram too much information

When creating video content, it’s easy to fall into the temptation of stuffing as much information as possible in your material. Yet that’s one of the things you should avoid unless you want your audience to suffer from information overload.

People turn to videos for quick and accessible information. However, your viewers may get bored or disengage from your content if it contains too much data and ideas.

Do set specifics

Setting specific goals is key to having successful corporate video production projects. Some of the things you need to detail are:

  • Schedule: Set realistic deadlines for your team or contractor. To avoid being overwhelmed by the project, you can divide it into scripting, pre-production work, shooting, editing and distribution. You can then set specific targets for each task.
  • Budget: Producing corporate videos can become expensive. Inform stakeholders of the budget you’re working on ahead of time, and stick with that. Having an emergency budget to address unforeseen events is a good idea.
  • Target audience: Identify your target audience and create content that suits their needs and interests. You can start by creating a buyer persona and understanding your buyer’s journey. 
  • Desired metrics: Whether it’s the number of views or conversions made, list down the results you want to get from this project. That way, your production team understands the business goals behind their creative work.

Don’t use salesy and promotional rhetoric

Although consumers want to engage with videos from brands they support, they still dislike overtly salesy content. Buyers prefer to be informed about their purchases, not directed on what to purchase.  

As a marketer, your goal is to help consumers solve their problems. Instead of pushing your viewers to buy your product, showcase your product’s strengths and let the audience decide whether or not they’ll purchase.

Do ask for help when you need it

Corporate video production involves several creative and technical processes. Aside from that, you’ll need the right equipment and software to ensure high-quality output.

Not all marketing teams are capable of handling video production projects in-house. And even if your team has the necessary skill set, they may not have enough time to brainstorm, script, shoot and edit a video. 

Hiring a corporate video production company is the best way to produce video content for most SMEs. Your participation level can vary depending on your preferences, but a professional video production team will ensure your project remains organized and focused through the end.

Your corporate video production partner

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