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Video Production: Our key 3 practices to help your talent feel comfortable in front of the camera

Producing an interview-style video isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Especially if your talent isn’t used to doing interviews and doesn’t feel overly confident in front of a camera. Experienced videographers set themselves and their talent up for success with a handful of tips and tricks that are sure to help anyone feel more comfortable in front of a camera!

Here is our list of what we consider the Key 3:

1. Build trust with your talent prior to the shoot and during the shoot through constant communication and attention

The goal of any interview-style video is for it to sound conversational. To be sure that happens, it’s crucial you (the videographer) spend time with your future subject prior to the shoot, getting to know one another in order to build trust and rapport. It’s imperative during the shoot that your talent feels supported. By providing your utmost attention and real-time feedback regarding things, you think he or she can do better your talent will instantly feel more comfortable. Knowing you are there to walk them through the process eliminates added pressure.

2. Provide details about the shoot prior to the shoot date

Be sure to inform your talent about some of the finer details regarding the interview before they show up to film. It’s always good to give some working time estimations and expectations. If possible, eliminating time restraints is usually the best plan. As mentioned above, communication during the shoot is key, but informing your talent about your personal workflow prior to the shoot is just as important so he or she doesn’t take any of your advice the wrong way. Simply letting your talent know that you may be providing positive constructive criticism during the shoot will eliminate any misunderstanding.

3. Know your topic and have a plan but not a teleprompter

It’s crucial your talent knows his or her interview topic prior to the shoot. Provide your talent with a script he or she can study and practice before the shoot date. Knowing his or her talking points will put any unknowns to rest prior to filming. Be sure they understand the importance of knowing the subject matter without memorizing the script word for word. In an interview-style video, it’s never a good idea to use a teleprompter. Messing up the dialogue is part of the process and assuring your talent this is completely normal will put them at ease. Remember, the goal is to make it sound conversational.

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