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3 Reasons Sacramento Production Companies Film with Drones

Drones have come a long way since 1918 when the first UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle known as the Kettering Bug was flown by the U.S. military in WW1. The Kettering Bug was designed to shoot missiles in combat but the new and improved drones adopted by the film industry are used to shoot stunning videography and photography.

Other than capturing aerial videography and photography of the most dramatic angles, there are many more benefits to filming with drones. Number one on the list and potentially the most obvious is the price break. Many of our clients would have paid five times as much for filming with full-scale alternatives such as helicopters. Helicopters also require a licensed pilot. Not to mention a log of flight plans and permits from the city. Making this option very pricey, complicated and ultimately not sustainable.

This leads me to benefit number two; convenience. Not only is the setup faster and more convenient but the shots themselves are more fluid and stable thanks to their less intrusive maneuverability and added features such as a gimbal for filming. Another convenient bonus is that drones are portable so you can take them with you to any event or filming location ensuring you won’t miss any one time opportunities.

The third benefit to drones vs. their full-scale alternatives is their safety and reliability. Drones come with internal settings (sonar & lasers) you can program so that it will only fly so close to certain objects, taking away human error completely. This is very helpful while trying to capture a close shot. Drones add safety to a variety of industries in a variety of ways. For example, construction companies who used to have to build scaffolding to survey the outside of a building can now survey the building via drone. This means no more working from heights where people are at risk of falling or hard to reach areas with confined spaces. Abandoned buildings that may contain asbestos can also be surveyed remotely before having to send anyone near the site. This provides companies with a huge safety advantage as well as a significant cost saving. Amongst the various makes and models of drones they only have a 25% fail rate or a 1 in every 3000 flights. Although some are unique from others, all drones have various technologies to help prevent them from falling. From Geofencing to DJI AireSense, parachutes and algorithms in the flight controllers and much more. Drones are a very reliable source of videography and photography.

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