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How to make a great video script

A growing number of brands are embracing video marketing due to its effectiveness in brand awareness, sales growth, and audience engagement and reach. However, it only provides auspicious results when it comes with crisp audio, high-quality video, and above all, a clear and engaging script. 

Preparing a video script allows you to organize your thoughts and determine the flow of your message to your target audience. So whether you’re making a product demo, a tutorial, a corporate video, or a video podcast, it’s critical that you come up with a powerful and engaging script. 

Your script should always come first when making a video because it determines the following elements: 

  • Filming instructions
  • Storyline or flow of the narration
  • Content such as dialogs, voiceovers, descriptions of each scene, etc. 
  • Editing instructions
  • Additional elements such as sound effects, subtitles, special effects, etc.

How to create a great video script?

This is a step-by-step guide on how to write a video script (shared by Sacramento-based video production agency Legion Films).

Step 1. Create a video brief

The goal here is to identify your objectives and what you want to achieve with the video. However, this is only possible if you have an in-depth understanding of your audience that allows you to create a message that speaks their language. 

When writing a video brief, identify the content’s purpose, the response you want to get from your audience, the core message you want to convey to them, and the distribution channels you will use for your videos. 

Step 2. Create a humanized story

Stories appeal to the users’ imagination, emotions, and humanity, making it easier for them to “digest” your core message. Turning your messages into stories is another surefire way to create connections and brand awareness. 

It’s important to create simple yet engaging stories that resonate with your audience; that’s why it’s critical that you know their demographics, purchasing habits, online behavior, preferences, etc.

Step 3. Follow the KISS rule

Keep it short and simple (or better yet, sweet). Remember that today’s online users generally prefer short clips so they can watch more content during their break time. A good rule of thumb is to keep your script and video 1-3 minutes long to enjoy more views and engagement. 

Meanwhile, avoid long scripts and videos lest you want to risk having low retention rates. Software company Vidyard suggests keeping marketing videos under two minutes or even shorter when they are used in the earlier stage in the marketing and sales funnel.

Step 4. Go beyond words

In marketing videos, you don’t have to rely solely on the dialog because you have sound and visual elements (e.g., voiceover, captions, sound/lighting effects, etc.) that can help bring your story to life. 

Just make sure that your dialog, sound effects, and visual elements all work seamlessly together to convey a clear and concise story.

Step 5. Perform video script reading

Once you’re done with your draft, read it out loud. The goal is to check if the dialog on your video script sounds natural, convincing, and engaging.

Step 6. Polish your script

Polish your video script until it sounds natural and convincing. Also, make sure that it reflects the video brief (aka main objectives of your content), resonates with your audience, includes a clear call-to-action, and follows the recommended length for marketing videos.

Final words

Once you’re confident with the quality and “authenticity” of your video script, the next step is to find a professional video editing agency that offers a state-of-the-art studio, production office, cameras, and grip equipment, and above all, “talents” who can help turn your core messages into an engaging visual story. 

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