About Legion Films Studio

Located in Sacramento California, our studio is here to support you and your creative vision!

Studio Features

Discover our state-of-the-art studio, where innovation meets creativity, providing the perfect setting for your next video production project.

270° Cyclorama

Immerse your subjects in a seamless backdrop that curves seamlessly, offering a versatile canvas for your artistic visions. Whether you're shooting a captivating commercial, an engaging interview, or a breathtaking cinematic scene, our cyclorama sets the stage for your creativity to shine.

30' x 30' Lighting Grid

Illuminate your projects with precision using our expansive lighting grid. Achieve the perfect play of light and shadow, enhancing the mood and tone of every scene. From soft, ethereal glows to dramatic chiaroscuro, our lighting setup adapts to your every need.

Built-in Wash Lighting

Elevate your visuals with the built-in wash lighting, providing a consistent and adjustable base layer of illumination. This feature simplifies setup and allows for quick adjustments to capture the right ambiance effortlessly.`

Gear and Grip Support

Your vision deserves the best tools. We offer a comprehensive selection of gear and grip equipment to enhance your production quality. Our range of equipment is at your disposal to bring your creative ideas to life.

Expert Crew Support

Don't navigate the production process alone. Our experienced and professional crew is ready to collaborate with you, offering insights and assistance that will elevate your project to new heights. From camera work to lighting design, our crew's expertise is at your service.

12' Photo Backdrops

Capture exquisite portraits and shots with our diverse collection of 12' photo backdrops. From minimalist to elaborate, our backdrops provide the ideal backdrop for any photographic endeavor.

Production Office

Stay organized and efficient with our dedicated production office space. Plan, strategize, and manage every aspect of your project with ease.

Editing Bay and Viewing Station

The journey doesn't end when the filming does. Edit and refine your work in our comfortable editing bay equipped with the latest technology. Review your masterpiece in our dedicated viewing station that ensures your creation looks its best.

Studio Floor Plan

Daily Rates

Maximize your production value and ensure high-quality video production within your budget. Explore our professional-grade video production rates, perfect for businesses and creatives.


Per Hour
4 Hour Min.


Per 8 Hours
10% off 8+/hrs

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General Rules

No Smoking:
Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises, including indoor and outdoor areas.
No Pets:
For the comfort and consideration of all guests, pets are not allowed within the studio space.
Equipment and Property Care:
Treat all equipment, furniture, and property with care and respect. Any damage or loss caused by negligence will be the responsibility of the guest.
Food and Drinks:
While light refreshments are allowed, please avoid messy or staining foods and drinks in the studio. Dispose of waste properly.
Safety First:
Follow all safety guidelines provided by the studio, including emergency exits and fire safety procedures.
Booking Time:
Guests are expected to arrive and depart within their designated booking time to ensure a smooth transition for other bookings.
Maintain clear communication with studio management to address any questions or concerns.
No Illegal Activities:
Any illegal activities or substances are strictly prohibited within the premises.
Parking Instructions:
Follow the provided parking instructions to ensure proper utilization of parking spaces.
Respect Neighbors:
Be mindful of neighboring spaces and residents, especially when entering and exiting the premises.
Respect the Space:
Leave the space as you found it, returning any furniture or equipment to its original position.
All ages are allowed in the space

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