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We offer strategic video consulting, creating impactful content roadmaps for businesses of all sizes. From production to planning, we ensure you have the right videos at the right time. Elevate your PR and Marketing efforts with our expertise.


Step 1: Discovery

Understanding Your Business

In our first meeting we:

  • Uncover Your Specific Needs
  • Asses Your Industry Position
  • Identify Challenges You Face
  • Define Your Goals

Step 2: Audit

Analyze your existing video content

We asses your existing contents:

  • Purpose: Do the videos fulfill their intended purpose?
  • Brand Alignment: Are they in line with the brand’s standards?
  • Quality Impact: Do they enhance or diminish the brand’s image?
  • Effectiveness: Do they make a lasting impression?
  • Coherence: Do the videos collectively portray a unified representation of the company and its offerings?

Step 3: Content Roadmap

Create Strategic Video Content Plan

We create a roadmap to first bring the client up to date with the current video needs and second, plan what videos they will need in the future.

Step 4: Execute

Film, Edit and Deliver

Below is a few examples out of the 4500+ pieces we have created for our clients.

Legion Films is the go-to video production partner for PR/marketing firms. With our strategic video consulting services, we help businesses, big and small, develop comprehensive content roadmaps. We are not just a vendor, but a trusted advisor, ensuring you have the right videos now and in the future. Elevate your brand with our expertise in planning and executing impactful video content strategies. Let us be your strategic video partner for success.

We've shot over
4500+ Pieces for our clients

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Need a media partner with flexibility?

As a full production team or a plugin to your Mar-Comm dept.
We can aid your Corporate Content Creation


What are the different types of Content Legion specializes in?
  • Internal and external facing announcements focused around public relations. 
    Examples: an update to corporate policy/culture or an employee highlight video. 
  • Interviews with Media Outlets. We can manage multiple live stream and broadcast elements to ensure your live or pre-recorded hits go smoothly. Our C-Suite package includes a large teleprompter and operator that will provide you with confidence during your shareholder meetings. 
    Examples: Live hits for Bloomberg News or pre-recorded content for Vogue. 
  • Virtual quarterly earnings calls with stockholders. Our C-Suite package includes a large teleprompter and operator that will provide you with confidence during your shareholder meetings. 
  • High-End zoom calls and Interactive Video Q&A sessions. If you are meeting with a large client or your whole company, it’s important to make sure you look your best and your feed is uninterrupted. Since before the “stay at home” mandates, we have specialized in virtual experiences and can optimize any digital conference platform.
  • Product tutorials and Developer Conferences. Developers can have full control of their show, we provide them with tools that allow them to share multiple camera angles and screens with the click of a button.  
What can I expect to pay for my finished video content?
  • Pricing is entirely dependent on the “Scope of Work”. We provide our clients with multiple package options that range in price points so they can select the one that best fits their needs and budget. The complexity of the shoot, finished product expectations and timeline are all key variables in determining the cost of a project. If you are interested in getting a quote for your project, please fill out this CONTACT FORM.
Is Legion an agency that will hire subcontractors to perform the work?
  • Legion is NOT an agency but it IS an all-encompassing video production team. Our main focus is producing highly polished corporate content. On rare occasions, Legion will bring in production partners to facilitate a specific client need. 


Can Legion use my existing equipment/studio setup?
  • We are happy to use existing infrastructure when it is suitable for the scope of the project. If you have a studio, we can bring additional equipment and knowledge to help “level up” your production. 
Can legion work with our existing video team to execute larger projects?
  • Yes, we work with existing video teams to accomplish large or specialized video projects. We can provide equipment, project management services, specialized labor and industry knowledge in whatever capacity your team needs. 
Can legion help facilitate Media Interviews?
  • Absolutely. Recent media outlets that we have coordinated and produced interviews for include:  Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and British Vogue. 

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