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8 Best Practices for Cannabis Video Marketing

1. Know Your Consumer

It’s important to know who your audience is, where they are getting their information, and what they need to know. This varies from state to state or even city to city. Approaching them differently is crucial.

To do so, you must listen! Start by finding out what their most asked questions are and what they care about most. This is always a great place to start creating videos as a part of your marketing strategy. Understanding what they know and what they care about will allow you to hone in on their needs and ultimately help you cater to your content in the most effective way.


2. Content Topics

The best way to create a list of content topics is to ask yourself what your consumers’ gaps in knowledge are. Focusing on these unknowns and answering your consumer’s questions is a great starting point.

Company culture is important to a lot of consumers. Sharing your company values and stories about your business will go a long way. A good rule of thumb is not to showcase the consumption of cannabis products as this goes against most social media platform regulations.

To build brand awareness, you can also look up Google search keyword terms and tools like WordTracker and SEM Rush to find popular searches on topics you can use.


3. Share your Videos Everywhere

Be sure to repurpose all your videos on as many different platforms as you can. The more you share your videos the better chances they have to be seen. Social media outlets encourage the use of more video so they tend to share them with more people. Editing your longer videos into smaller micro pieces can help you to create even more content!


4. Post, Test, Repeat

You should set metrics and KPIs to track results throughout your various video campaigns. It’s useful to track data such as clicks, shares, and video views but it’s also important to track, test, and change things like video topics, the title of a  video, and the video thumbnail. As time goes on this will help you gain insight as to what content you should continue creating.


5. Use Videos for SEO

The number one advantage of using video in the Cannabis industry is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Google is the number one search engine in the world followed by YouTube! Including top keywords with your videos on YouTube will increase your search results tremendously.


6. Forget the Sound

Since many people watch videos with muted sound, it’s crucial to include closed captions. Platforms such as YouTube and Facebook will actually add closed captions for you but it’s important you review these before sharing to guarantee they are correct. If posting elsewhere, there are plenty of tools such as Zubtitle.com or Wave.video that will create them for you.


7. CTA’S

Videos are great but there’s really no point in putting in the time and effort if they don’t bring your consumers closer to the overall marketing goal. Move your consumers through the marketing funnel by including a call-to-action that aligns with your ultimate marketing goal.


8. Consistent Posting

Being consistent while sharing videos is a big deal. People enjoy predictability and consistency when it comes to gathering information. You will harness more loyal consumers if watching your videos becomes part of their daily or weekly routine. As a result of this, they will also be more likely to share this information with others.

This consistency will help build your brand’s voice and ultimately create an emotional connection with your audience so you can stand out from the competition!

For more information about how videos can improve your marketing let’s schedule a meeting and let’s talk about how can we help your company grow.


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